Cheers to the Freakin’ Weekend


I tried to assemble pictures for High Five for Friday for this week but I didn’t really have anything too exciting! Haha this week was full of work and a tiny bit of fun. I watched Catfish and sparked a really weird debate on Facebook over Nev’s chest hair. I got a cold & sneezed out my new nose ring- that was painful. I also have a new, pretty cool social media opportunity. (BUT I already made a typo in front of thousands of fans so that’s kind of extremely embarrassing! Auto correct will be the death of me!) I’ve been watermarking and pinning and graming and I love it!

Today, I have a long to do list before Jen & Clark’s wedding! (Including Spray Tanning and Green with Abby M!) Even though they got engaged not too long ago, this wedding feels like a long time coming! I’m so excited for a road trip to Cali, some time with the girls, and a wedding on a boat!

There will be lots of social media updating so I hope you’re prepared!


Katie Cannon

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