California Dreamin’: Jen & Clark’s Wedding Weekend Day 1


Have you ever seen HBO’s show Girls? Don’t watch it. It’s heinously inappropriate but it is like an almost exact replica of my life in a lot of ways. There is a part where Hannah says, “The ice cream truck is parked directly in front of my house- it’s like life is a dream!” That is exactly how I felt about all of last weekend! We traveled to Newport Beach for Jen & Clark’s wedding. It was a weekend full of friends, coffee, the beach, and just general loveliness!

The drive was great- some lady in an Audi rear ended us…but that was turned into an occasion to get donuts and the car was mostly fine!
We headed right to Huntington Beach and had lunch right on the water.


Jen & Clark hosted a get together for the wedding party & family the night before. They gave each person in the bridal party a gift and said some super nice things about us.


After that we all got coffee & went to the beach. I also got a mini pumpkin pie. And we wore glow sticks. A dream, right?!





And that was just day 1! Wow! More to come on the wedding, brunch, and more!



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