High Five For Friday! #H54F

What a FUN week! Here are the top 5 fun things!


1. Spaghetti Dinner! Jen & Clark had us all over for a spaghetti dinner. It was so lovely- I got to see Mag, Clark made his own version of egg nog, and the boys built a fire!

2. Nails & Breakfast Buzz! I’m in love with my latest nails & I hit up D’lish for a breakfast buzz smoothie! My fav!

3. New Planner! I love it! So classic and pretty and simple! Love!

4. Aubray! Christina and I got to see Aubray compete in her show! It was so fun and weird and interesting and crazy. These people are BEASTS! But Aubray did a great job and it was so cool to see her in a different setting than I’m used to seeing her!

5. Team Tissue. Love Abby and our tears a plenty.

Great week! So much celebration & time with friends.

It’s raining right now. I am not the typical Arizonan. I hate the rain. It’s inconvenient, it makes my hair frizz, and it sucks to drive in the rain. I’m trying to make the most of it by sipping some coffee and listening to the rain before work. This weekend, I’m excited to go to Andrea‘s HP Warm Up Your Walls party with the girls! Yay!

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High Five for Friday: I’m back.

Time for another installment of High Five for Friday. In the spirit of blogging and Thanksgiving and whatever…..I’m finally back in the saddle.


1. You guys…I met an Internet/youtube celeb. Seriously, I texted my sister and she was like,”Hahahaha oh I’m glad you hung out!!! She’s always been a mystery to me.” The sad part about this is that we met at a going away party for Chad & Shaina. 😦

2. Clean sheets and sleep. I slept until 11:40am this week. That is crazy for me. But felt so good!

3. I redid my chair! I love it!

4. Social Media Seminar. SEO, Google+, HTML…it’s a myspace generations dream come true.

5. Movie day. My dear Claudia & I had a movie and pizza and failed pancake day. It was glorious.

That’s my top 5 for the week! I’m excited for this weekend! I get to go see Aubray compete in her fitness show. She has worked so hard. Plus-I’m soooo excited for the people watching!

How was your week?!

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I am not the best.


I was at an event the other night and I was watching someone do something that I have a lot of opinions about. #shocker. (It doesn’t really matter what…just accept my vaugueness..haha) All of a sudden these thoughts started going through my head.
“Ugh I wonder if she does it that way all the time?”
“If it was me, I’d do it totally differently. My way is totally out of the box and more authentic.”

And then… I don’t know if it was the Holy Spirit or just something clicking into place- probably a bit of both- but I thought:

“I am not the best.”

I do not know the most. My ways aren’t the only ways.

It was not in a self deprecating way. It was more of a reality check sort of way. It reminded me of a time I was praying for a place very close to my heart- I was begging God for breakthrough there. He gently reminded me that He loved that place more than I ever could. He showed me that I was holding tightly on to that place, instead of giving it to Him. His heart is bigger and His love is stronger for that place. He knows it better.

There is a certain freedom in the acceptance that I am not the best. It frees other people up to not be the best either. I think we step into authority when yield to His authority & wisdom. The Kingdom is such a weird place.

There are lots of areas that I think I’m the best at controlling: my future, my relationships, my life in general…but at the end of the day Isaiah 55:8-9 is true:

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, and My ways are not your ways,” says the Lord. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.

I am not the best. And, for that, I am very thankful.