High Five For Friday! #H54F

What a FUN week! Here are the top 5 fun things!


1. Spaghetti Dinner! Jen & Clark had us all over for a spaghetti dinner. It was so lovely- I got to see Mag, Clark made his own version of egg nog, and the boys built a fire!

2. Nails & Breakfast Buzz! I’m in love with my latest nails & I hit up D’lish for a breakfast buzz smoothie! My fav!

3. New Planner! I love it! So classic and pretty and simple! Love!

4. Aubray! Christina and I got to see Aubray compete in her show! It was so fun and weird and interesting and crazy. These people are BEASTS! But Aubray did a great job and it was so cool to see her in a different setting than I’m used to seeing her!

5. Team Tissue. Love Abby and our tears a plenty.

Great week! So much celebration & time with friends.

It’s raining right now. I am not the typical Arizonan. I hate the rain. It’s inconvenient, it makes my hair frizz, and it sucks to drive in the rain. I’m trying to make the most of it by sipping some coffee and listening to the rain before work. This weekend, I’m excited to go to Andrea‘s HP Warm Up Your Walls party with the girls! Yay!

Linking up with Lauren Elizabeth’s High Five for Friday!

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