High Five for Friday. #h54f

1. I’ve just been really into this song this week.
2. We made vision boards in small group this week. My word for the year is “fight.” My goal is to learn how to fight for the things that are important to me instead of letting life sort of take over. And to learn how to put on the full armor of God. I want to fight for bigs things this year.
3. Presents are always fun.
4. Love Abby. We were wearing reverse matching outfits.
5. Sushi with the Dolls. Always down for a group pic. Also- it’s an addiction. So much sushiiii

Honorable mention goes to Christina. But I’ve been trying to take less creeper pictures of her. Ha

That was my week! This week is going to be busy- I can feel it! Some days, most days, I feel like I have twenty tabs open in my brain and I can’t shut any of them! I can hear Lori’s voice telling me to learn how to rest. Maybe that can be a goal too- fight for balance.

Linking up with Lauren Elizabeth’s High Five for Friday!

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