Screenshots and Heartbreaks: Revelation via iPhone.


So my top button on my iPhone had been broken for… ever. It was annoying, especially as a social media sultan. Let’s just say, a lot of my job involves taking screen shots. I adapted though, and used that little white dot thing that let’s you take screen shots manually. It takes a couple extra steps but it gets the job done.

Just a few days before I was headed to Cali, I shattered my screen. (Horror of horrors!) I took it to get fixed and she offered to fix my button and my battery. Done deal! It would be like having a brand new phone. Now I have a working screen, better battery life, AND I can take screen shots. I was laying in bed with my phone this morning and went to take a screen shot….but I did it with all the extra steps. I didn’t use the button. Okay so WHY am I blogging about screenshots and iPhones?! BECAUSE THIS IS MY LIFE, PEOPLE! I DO WHAT I WANT. (I club baby seals. Mag- that was for you.)

But seriously, I feel like God gave me some revelation as I was screen shot-ing nail art. Sometimes, even when God brings healing to an area of my life, I still do things the way I had adapted to do them when I was broken. If I don’t walk out my healing, take some risks, test out my new freedom, it’s like I was never healed. With my phone, it was like my button was never fixed even though it was 100% working. It also makes me think- what healing has God done in my life that I have not taken hold of? What promises has He given us in His word that I’m not believing…just because I’ve adapted to the broken ways of the world?

I took the adaptive touch off of my phone and now am free to screen shot what ever I’d like. I’ll let you know what other developments, iPhone or otherwise, this brings to my life. Xoxo

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