Tired & Thankful.


I had this thought today….

“I am so tired. But if I was on like a mission trip or something, I’d value where I am right now and give it everything I got!”

My life is like a mission trip. Hahaha I frequently say “My life is church!” (A phrase I’m pretty sure I stole from Renee Hammond. Haha)

Despite how crazy my schedule feels, I’m learning to find joy regardless of circumstance. These are just a few things I’m celebrating about from yesterday/today:

-Great Pita J dinner with Christina yesterday. I just love her.

-Seeing God move so powerfully today & break some chains off a dear, dear friend.

-Getting to pray for people!

-Feeling like God was so so tangible. Believing what I say I believe.

-Being challenged by Paige, Shawn, & Tyler to press into prayer.

-A great job where I’m surrounded by people of passion & talent & creativity & who value mentorship.

This was just like yesterday & today! I’m tired, I’m thankful, and I’m so thankful I’m tired. My life & heart are full.

2 thoughts on “Tired & Thankful.

  1. Tyler

    You are incredible Katie! Always have loved reading your blogs, I always feel like I can picture you saying it out loud. Love how genuine you are. I love that you are a person who plays till the end of the game and when the buzzer sounds you have given it everything you have. You are a game changer!! You live life daily like it is the Super Bowl

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