Good Eats: Gilbert Farmer’s Market!

My parents recently moved to AZ and we’ve really been enjoying doing simple things that we could never cram into their short visits before. For the last few weeks, we’ve met up at the Gilbert Farmer’s Market on Saturday for an 8am breakfast. It’s fun to eat locally made food and spend time together! Here are some of our fav finds:

1- Jamaica from the Shrimp-viche Man
If you’ve never tried this delish drink made from hibiscus flowers, you should. Said “man” works the booth but he told us his wife makes most of it. (See?! The fun of eating local is learning things like that!) We also got shrimp crab cakes from this guy and had them for lunch. They were perfect- not fishy at all!

2- All Thai-Up from Luncha Libre
We loved this one! It was a Thai style quesadilla that had the perfect combo of sweet & spicy. Mag & I also ordered churros & horchata from this truck that were both great. Their drinks come in these HUGE mason jars- which sort of adds to the fun.

3- Stuffed French Toast from Uprooted Kitchen
This all vegan food truck has so many options full of fresh fruit & baked goods! Their french toast is topped with coconut yogurt- yum! I had been following them on Instagram for a while so it was cool to a-meet them & b-try their food!

Honorable mention goes to Nutwhats Bacon Pecan scribble & Coppercreek Cheesecakes! IMG_5726.PNG

My dad also loves Waffle Crush. It’s a fun little family tradition…and there are new choices every week!



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