The perfect little solo Saturday.


Let me preface this by saying: I love people. I love hearing stories. I love a good chat. But I also really really love spending time allllll by myself. Today started with brunch with my parents & a whole pot of french press to myself. They went off to the furniture store (they still have a giant empty room in their house…which will now be full in 8-10 weeks.) I wandered off to the Gilbert Farmer’s Market. I zig zagged across aisles, grabbed local produce, and put it all in my cute yard saled basket.

Then I ran around the mall for a while, window shopped, people watched, & picked up a few essentials. When you’re by yourself, you can go back to the same store 3 times and try on fringe ankle boots 3 times and decide you can’t justify the purchase 3 times. This is just not a luxury afforded by group shopping. Then, I was tired (I have a rough life), so I went home and half napped, half Netflix-ed.

When I woke up, I ran a brush through my hair & headed to my fave grocery spots: Trader Joe’s for fun stuff, Sprouts for the good stuff, & Walmart for the random essentials. I came home & cooked all my food for the week. I talked to Bets until my phone died. And now I have a moment to recap the day. My soul NEEDS days like this…not always…just every once in a while. It helps me reset my brain & be fully engaged the rest of the week. I have been trying really hard to work rest into my schedule & consciously choose my schedule instead of letting it run me. Today was a great start. ❤

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