Embracing the Cliche: 2015 Goals


Is it cliche to write goals on January 1st? Don’t care. I made a 30 day goal (a bold, risky one!) on November 21st and I smashed it. It was so powerful to set the intention to achieve the goal and then have serious accountability!! The date didn’t really matter.

After some time praying, I feel like my word for the year is “holistic.” So I think I’m going to make monthly goals (inspired by Andrea Worley‘s monthly goals!) in four areas that make up my life. So here goes! Keep me accountable Internet!

Physical: Complete 10 sessions of Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred. I like this work out- it’s quick but packs a punch!

Mental: Read a book! I love reading & I don’t always make time for it. It’s relaxing, it’s stimulating, & it’s good for my brain.

Emotional: Set up time to hang out with 2 life giving friends. As a sanguine/extrovert, I need this more than I think and I often neglect it.

Spiritual: Fast 3 days out of the month. Make a trip to the Phoenix First prayer chapel to journal & pray. I have wanted to become more disciplined in fasting & the prayer chapel is one of my fav spots.

I’ll let you all know how they went at the end of the month!

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