I hate people who recline airplane seats: an introspection.

I have a little technique I use every time I’m on a plane. I sit down, buckle my seat belt, & then carefully observe the person sitting in front of me. The SECOND I see them reach for the button to recline their seat, I jam my knee into their seat. They think their seat is broken & can’t recline, and I conserve the tiny space in front of me so I can enjoy my signature plane drink: ginger ale. As fas as I’m concerned, if you’re flying domestic, you really don’t have a reason to recline your seat.

I employed this technique while on a flight this afternoon. I let my guard down for a second so he actually got like 2 inches of recline. I’m not going to lie…..I judged this guy. Like seriously- how rude can you be to recline your seat for a 2 hour flight? We were about to take off when the flight attendant came to let him know he needed to power down his device. Seat Man freaked out at her. According to him, his was an approved device to stay powered on. (PS- you can use iPads in airplane mode during take off now? Will wonders never cease….) She calmly let him know his device was not approved & if he had questions he could read the back of the magazine. He continued to argue so she took a more firm tone with him, took her seat, & we took off.

But this freaking guy……she came to take our drink orders and Seat Man started the argument AGAIN! All over the fact that he couldn’t use his laptop for MAYBE 15 minutes! I thought to myself, “Wow….you can tell A LOT about a person by how they treat flight attendants. This guy is terrible.” Sassy tweets swirled in my head, I thought of punchy comments I could make to him….

And then I thought, “Wow…I can tell a lot about me by the way I want to publicly shame this guy.” Luke 6:27…..Matthew 5:44…..etc etc…

I wouldn’t say this guy was my “enemy” per say…..but I certainly could have loved him better. I heard someone say recently that it’s really easy to love people who like you but harder (and arguably more important) to love those that are difficult to love. It’s clear to me that in this season…one of focusing on the holistic….that a mature follower of Christ loves her enemies and looks to create win-win situations. Also, the way I approach one situation is the way I approach all situations. Where else am I trying to defeat others so I can be comfortable?

So sorry Seat Man! I pray your year is full of love & life & all the lap top usage your heart desires. Here’s to loving more haters in 2015.

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