Weekend Update

This was a pretty busy weekend! Here’s what I did!


Friday night kicked off the Chi Alpha Girl’s Event: Dream. It was part sleep over, part challenge, part spa weekend. Candi and Paige put on a world class event- amazing food for body & mind. We did a killer work out and had custom smoothies after. We made dream boards and were challenged to look fear in the face. Most of all, we learned that being brave is taking small risks every day. A little more about my story will be on Candi’s blog next week so you’ll have to wait for all the juicy deets. 😉


Right from there, I headed to the most amazing Mardi Gras themed dinner with the YoPros! (Aka Young Professionals from my church.). This was a small step to live brave- and on theme with one of my February Goals. 99% of these people are already my friends but for some reason I never push myself to make it to the events. I want to fully embrace relationships and I’m so glad I went! Rachel threw such an amazing event and it was a fun reason to get dressed up on Valentine’s Day!

I topped off the weekend with a long chat sesh over bruschetta with my beloved DD. I don’t get to see her every day anymore and I missed her sweet self! Full weekend, full heart- the perfect way to spend Feb 14th.

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