Feb Update/March Goals

HOW IS FEBRUARY ALREADY OVER?!? So crazy! I kicked off the first day of March doing a whole bunch of nothing! Haha Mag & I went to church with my parents & then to brunch & then slept the afternoon away. I’m ending it by watching the Sister Wives finale. This is how you refuel, people. 😉

Okay on to the update on my Feb goals:

Mental: Read a book. I read Make It Happen and I really enjoyed it, it was really more of a work book than a book book…it’s a resource I will likely revisit. A word to the wise- don’t buy the digital copy like me! This is a book you’ll want to write all over! I also read Sean Lowe’s “For the Right Reasons” and I LOVED IT! With these goals, I’ve read WAY more books this year than I did last year and I’m really proud of that.

Emotional: Hang out with a friend that I wouldn’t normally hang out with. Push the comfort zone. Expand the circle.
I hung out with the YoPros and it was the bomb!

Physical: Take 3 Yoga Classes
I went to 2 and set up a time to do therapeutic yoga at a later date. I ran into a long lost friend at a class and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to expanding my practice.

Spiritual: 10 Devotional Times & 3 fasting days. Y’all I suck at setting aside designated devotional times. This one was a bit of a miss. The 3 fasting days happened though! And they were emotional but more bearable than I thought. Phewf.

So for March…I want to keep in mind that I can #LiveBrave…so these make me sweat a bit!

Mental: Read Brene Brown’s “The Gift of Imperfection.” Excited about this one especially for where I’m at in my journey. 🙂

Emotional: Okay there are a few people that I KNOW but we’re not really friends- you those people who you SAY you’re going to hang out with but never do? Okay I want to hangout with one of those people.

Physical: Start Couch to 5k again. I want to spend more time outside but I hate running. I think I can do it though! Oh and I’m also going to Jesus at the Core…which is terrifying because it’s going to be full of super flexible yogis. YOLO…going for it.

Spiritual: 3 fasting days & 15 devotional times. Gotta up my game. I don’t like being quiet…ever. I would rather speak in front of a million people than spend 20 minutes being quiet. Sometimes my #brave looks different and that’s okay.

My March calendar is already filling up but I’m excited for all the fun things in store and to punch these goals in the face!


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