Who Am I?

As I was driving home from Chi Alpha tonight I prayed, “God who am I that you would let me be a part of this?” I had just got to spend a few hours hanging with great people, eating Chic fil a, and serving the campus. I’m not being dramatic when I say- what a privilege.

If you knew me, if you knew my story, if you think anything like me…I have no business being allowed on campus. But God, in His rich mercy, has written a story of redemption for me. If we had time to sit over coffee, I would tell you how He has heaped grace on my life. I am living proof that you can’t get in the way of your own calling. I just can’t resist the plans He has.

If you’ve never been in a place like this, if you’ve never had revelation of what you’ve been saved from, if you’ve never felt like you are doing what only God could have ordained, I would encourage you to take the risk. Step out. Put your faith in action. Live Brave. It’s the only place worth living. Who am I? Who are you? We are destined. We are daughters. You can do it. Step in.<3

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