Recent Feedback Re: My Headbands. 

So when I worked at the Dolch, I wore headbands all the time…and no one batted one false lash. Now that I work in a differnt setting, my headbands have become the subject of much controversy. 

I now present to you a list of comments I’ve received about my head bands in the last week:

“So is today ‘Flashdance’ day?”

“You’re white and wearing a headband. Of course I think you’re a snob.”

“Do you have a head ache or….” (from a genuinely concerned international student.)

“It looks like you cut the crotch out of lace underwear and put it on your head.”

“What’s going on (motions to my head) here?”

“You have sort of a…Brett Michaels thing going on today, huh?”

I have no lesson I’ve learned from this. No cute little wrap up. (is that a headband pun?) I just think it’s funny that people are so confused about me wearing cute head bands. What can I say- I can’t avoid controversy. 😉 

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