I thought Target Canada ruined my life. 

So liiiiiiike a month & a half ago @misschrissycharms posted the cutest bag on her IG. I screen shotted it with every intention of running to Target to swoop it up. Seriously- how cute is it??


Much to my horror, I could not find it on the Target website. I didn’t see it at the 3 Targets I went to either…I went back to the original post to find that the bag WAS ONLY AVAILABLE IN TARGET CANADA! In case you’re not up on Canada Related News, Target recently made the decision to close all of their stores in Canada because they weren’t profitable. I know- I don’t even know how that’s possible either. (Possibly because there was nothing to buy?) Thus…the bag would never be mine. I was doomed to just be taunted by Canadian bloggers. Or so I thought!

One morning last week, I was scrolling through the Target website for a blush pink bag. AND I SAW IT! But only at a Target at the 17 & Bethany Home. Aka like the most inconvenient location for me to swing by. I didn’t care. I gave my hair a quick spritz of dry shampoo and ran there before work. I got there & I saw it….the last bag in all of Phoenix. I bought it and it was mine. Isn’t it just the cutest bag you ever did see? It’s not too big, it looks just like this Kate Spade bag, and it has short and long straps. Sigh….so this is what victory feels like… 😉


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