random things I’ve saved to my phone but will never buy…probably.

Do you ever find cute things on the internet but you know you’ll never put in the effort to like go get your debit card that’s all the way in your purse to buy it? I do. I save them on my phone and show them to my sister and she pretends to be interested. So now I’m just going to show some of my latest faves to you. 



1. brunch tee no explination needed. This is the perfect tank. But I’ll never buy it because I want it to be like $7 cheaper. 

2. watermelon top it’s from anthro and like a million dollars but hopefully forever 21 will make a knock off. 

3. state forty eight racerback I’ve wanted a state forty eight shirt forevs but I’m so indecisive!

4. watermelon insultated beach bag like do I have a practical need for this? Um no. But is it the cutest bag ever? Yes. 

5. AZ key chains cuuuuuuute ness. And like $5. Omg. 

6. flamingo slip ons these are from a flash sale site so I’ll defs forget to order them. Especially because I have crippling anxiety about buying shoes online. 

7. #nofilter necklace I can’t even buy this because the shop owner is “on vacation.” So then I start thinking “maybe I can craft this myself?” And we all know how that goes. 

Where my ladies at who have shopping carts full of stuff they’ll never buy? I know you feel me on this one. Cute stuff that I don’t need…story of my life! Okay maybe I’ll buy the flamingo shoes…BRB…let me find my card…