Summer Camp Melt Down. 

  Yesterday was SO FUN! I went to Instagram Summer Camp hosted by The Bloguettes at The Saguaro. We learned everything from branding to editing to landscapes. I had a fabulous group- the #shadowhawks- and we even won best group! I think I’ll even stay connected to some of the girls! The day was encouraging, affirming, inspiring, and most of all FUN!

But it did NOT start out that way. After fixing a wardrobe malfunction and being offended that safety pins are $7 at CVS, I made my way to The Saguaro in Old Town. I had signed for camp months ago but all of my expectation & excitement died the second I walked through the lobby doors. The place was FULL of the prettiest, most fashionable, hat wearing girls I had ever seen. I swear- everyone had a hat and everyone was pulling it off. I bolted for the bathroom and promptly burst into tears.

WHAT AM I DOING HERE? I thought I looked cute but clearly I look like a hobo compared to these girls with Rapunzel hair. Why did I come? Everyone is going to hate me. Definetly never going to be cool enough. Should I just leave?

This wave of terror & rejection just knocked me right over. I texted some homies. They were quick to respond with the reassurance I needed:

“Remember! You like this! It’s going to be great!”

“Um you are pretty? Let’s identify the lie you’re believing.” 

Ooof. Deep breath. I dabbed my mascara off my cheeks, put on a smile, and walked into the main room. I sat down next to a girl with perfectly pastel hair and she was so nice! She has a great online boutique based out of LA. Once I started talking, I started to feel better. I wasn’t even nervous when they had a “Meet Your Neighbor” time. Everyone there was friendly! The day got rolling, and I was loving it! We were laughing, snapping photos, and sharing tips. These were my PEOPLE! They spoke my language. And best of all, they didn’t even care if I was on my phone the whole time. 😉

Our last stop of our full day was “Lifestyle”- learning to spot gram-able moments and being comfortable in front of the camera. I wanted someone to take my picture but I kept saying I needed “direction.” What I really meant was that I wanted permission to be silly or to strike a pose. I wanted permission to be me. But I actually already had that already. I can give that to myself. Always.

Next time I want to skip the bathroom part and go right to the “oh I actually love people and make friends easily” part. This was a huge #LiveBrave moment for me. I recently got this crazy prophetic word about how I am going to move into a season where fear falls off & I live loved. Instagram Summer Camp felt like a kick off to that. I’m ready. 

All to say- you can live brave too. You’re also in on the biggest secret: Even the loudest girl might be nervous to make friends. They even asked during the keynote, “How many times have you looked at someone for 5 seconds and already made up a whole story about them?” Guilty as charged. We’re all in this together- even the girls in hats. (PS They’re actually really nice.)  

Here are some fun snaps from the day:

 I would highly HIGHLY recommend The Bloguettes webinars & workshops  if you have a small business/brand or are involved in any sort of social media. They were super informative, researched, organized, and sprinkled everything with fun & whimsy! 

9 thoughts on “Summer Camp Melt Down. 

  1. Hannah

    You definitely weren’t alone, I had a full on anxiety attack walking in those door. O_o Those damn cute hats and long locks were everywhere!! That being said, I had such a blast and it was so nice to meet you, you’re a total dollface! We need to hang out again IRL! Haha – maybe go back and actually take advantage of all the cute spots at Saguaro or find some other new ones in the Valley! 🙂

    • ktcannon

      I was just thinking I need a photo buddy that will put up with my ridiculous requests! Instagram AZ does tons of cool meet ups- it would be nice to have a buddy! Plus bloguettes are doing a happy hour that sounds fun!! I’d love to see ya again!

  2. charity

    I loved this post Katie and loved meeting you! You may not have had a hat but you had a golden pineapple and my vote for best camper!

  3. Shanna Fujii

    Hi Katie!
    I’m the editor over at Bloguettes and oh my gosh, if I had known how you felt when you first walked in, I would have given you the biggest hug!! I am so incredibly happy you stuck it out & found newfound confidence and a life lesson at the end of the day! I hope you can look back at the Instagram Camp as a profound moment where you found out a little more about what a brave, smart, beautiful girl you are! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing your blog post & I hope you continue to join us for other events in the future!
    Love always!
    Shanna Fujii

    • ktcannon

      Thank you so much, Shanna! I truly enjoyed the day- both for the fun tips & new challenge. I have a bit more pep in my step this week and have found myself feeling more comfortable being friendly to all! Thanks again for such a great event!!!! Can’t wait for happy hour!!

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