Katie & Rae take over SLC! (+ A Code for a Free $20 Uber Ride!)

Last weekend, Rae & I met in Salt Lake City, UT for a little weekend girls trip! We planned the trip when ASU was ranked and projected to win…everything. Needless to say, being a Sun Devil fan is like being in a whirlwind of emotion and the game didn’t quite work out. The rest of the weekend was a blast though!

I checked into the Peery Hotel. I was a little worried because some of the reviews were brutal. It was certainly historic and the staff was quirky. Not the fanciest place on the block, but it was charming and served our purpose. The beds were SO comfy.


Cute, huh?

We kicked off the weekend at Whiskey Street for dinner. It had great Yelp reviews & didn’t disappoint! One thing we noticed was that they are PSYCHO about checking IDs in Utah. Once we got through the 3rd degree at the door, we settled in and ordered the bourbon bacon caramel corn. UM YUM. Yes it was as good as it sounds.


Then I got the Pork Belly Cuban. Yep- also amazing. We wandered around Main St (formerly known as Whiskey St where ol’ Brigham would reportedly partake…..) and then met up with some of Rae’s friends at Wasatch Brewery and sat outside for a long while.

And took silly photos…..



Wait….pause….how awesome does my hair color look???? You should go see Stephanie. She’s amazing. A blonde genius.

Saturday was full of history, questions, and treats. We brunched at Bruges Waffles & Frites. It was poppin on a Saturday morning and a quick walk from our hotel. Painfully, they did’t really have coffee.


Another sign we were in the land of the LDS….Across the street, there was the cutest farmers market that we wandered through and listened to the live music. Great way to kick off our day! We scheduled a tour of Temple Square. Regardless of your thoughts on the LDS Church, this was fascinating. Definitely something I would recommend if you find yourself in SLC- I felt like I had a better idea of the culture that has shaped the city.IMG_8620

Our Uber driver tipped us off to a restaurant that had good rolls + honey butter. When we got to The Lion House Pantry, we found out that the rolls were free! Whhhhat?? We grabbed some drinks and enjoyed the buttery delight of their famous rolls.


We later found out that this restaurant is in the basement of the house where Brigham Young housed all of his wives after his primary wife.

That was our next stop- Brigham’s house aka The Beehive House. Utah is obsessed with beehives. They’re a huge fixture in the LDS faith because beehives are harmonious & industrious. The sister missionaries who toured us around were so sweet and took possibly the most flattering photo I’ve ever taken ever. Look:


Here’s a creeper mirror photo we took inside the house too:


It was time for a little siesta. We’d seen all the sights and we needed to rest up for what turned out to be a miserable football game. Humpf. After another Uber driver suggestion, we decided to try Bodega. I won’t tell you much and give away the greatness, but you should go here. Make a reservation and eat something delicious off of their rotating menu. Rae ordered the short ribs served over the creamiest polenta I’ve ever tasted. Whoa.They discourage the use of cell phones so we enjoyed our meal and had the most delightful server/bar tender.

Then we headed to a rough football game and it rained but the Utah fans were peaches.


Enough about that. 🙂

Sunday, we lazed around and then headed out of town to a spot called Garage. It over looks a refinery but had great food & it sounded like they frequently had live music.


I’d recommend it!  For the afternoon, we took a bike tour! We did not operate a bike, but rather were carted around in one. It was a great way to see the city from someone who was super knowledgeable. Jeff put up with our 2 billion questions and showed us all around Salt Lake City. Here! You can see some of it too:


Here’s the info if you’d like to try the experience:


Those were the big highlights from our weekend. Would I recommend Salt Lake as a major vacation destination? Maybe not. If you’re into skiing maybe! It was still a fun weekend get away. The city is really bike friendly and very walk able. We ubered all around and it worked out great. (Use my promo code and we both get a free $20 ride: katiec4050ue)

Such a fun weekend spent with a great friend. Until our next adventure!