Halloweekend: Craziness & Costume Ideas.

I am e to the z exhausted!!! (Shout out to Xzibit on Pimp my Ride because I can never say any word that starts with “ex” with out thinking of that. Dang- that’s a good personal brand, Xzibit.) Anyways….Halloweekend was crazy town. In total, I helped put on 3 events, wore 2 costumes, and ate 1 billion pieces of candy.

Here’s how it all went down:

Friday: I get the supreme pleasure of hosting lots of fun activities for residents at my job. We celebrated Halloween with an I Scream Sundae Bar! Cob webs & sprinkles: what could be better?


After that, I jetted over to campus for a Caramel Apple Party with Chi Alpha. We took over a lounge and played Apples 2 Apples. Super fun night. Loved being actually on campus. #RAForLife


Then- I headed to the first official Halloween party of the weekend. I was a Gumball Machine….it wasn’t quite executed how I would have liked it, but it worked for the like one hour I was there.


Saturday was the Chi Alpha Halloween Party! It’s my favorite party of the year- loud music, a baked potato bar, and a make shift stage: recipe for fun! It winded down with some quality time around the camp fire. I was a fancy deer for this party- a la my girl Lauren.

Here are some more pictures of the fun:





Sunday I straight up slept until 11:50am. I haven’t slept that late since Britney Spears shaved her head. I was partied pooped to the extreme. Cheeseball moment alert: I totally had a few “moments” during the XA events- you know when you step back and your heart is just full. There may have been a stray tear or two. I love that I get to be a part of creating spaces for college students to connect. I love that people will get crazy while not being under the influence. I love seeing life long friendships take root.  Super thankful doesn’t begin to describe it. While it may take a while for me to recover the lost sleep, I can rest in the fact that Jesus is too good to me. Hope you had a great Halloween, too!

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