And this time, I wore a hat. 

You may recall that this summer, I had a complete bathroom melt down at Instagram Summer Camp. Read all of the grizzly details here. Last night, I had the opportunity to go to another Bloguette‘s Event: The Round Robin Mini! There were 2 rounds of discussions & you got to pick from 4 stations: Photography, Branding. Social Media, & Marketing. I got to go to Marketing & Branding.

Round 1: Marketing with Anita Walker, VP of Marketing at Fox Restaurant Concepts. Holy Wow. This was a total dream come true. Do you know how obsessed with Fox Restaurants I am? Their service, branding, and don’t even get me started on their pretzel bites… She shared openly and honestly about their creative process, the importance of mentors, and asking for outside help when necessary.

My big take away: Spend more time building trust than trying to express your creative vision. People will let you do just about any crazy idea if they trust you.

Round 2: Branding with Lorena of The Bloguettes I was really excited about this table because I’ve been thinking about branding as I start to pursue a new creative project I’ve been tossing around. It was great to hear from someone who lives & breathes branding. Everything is brand-able: from pens, to the way you answer the phone, down to who you are!

My big take away: It’s okay for brands to evolve. Select branding that is classic to you and let it grow with you. Get a moment of clarity and don’t wait to execute.

Overall, this event was fun because I could come and just be me! There were some familiar faces- which was so nice! And once again everyone was so welcoming and generous with information. Last time, I was scared of the girls in hats, and this time I was one. Oh how the tables have turned. The more I pursue creative opportunities, the more confident I feel in my vision. I’m so thankful that there is a community in Arizona that promotes creativity, girl power, and entrepreneurship. I’m excited for what’s to come! Now to bring some vision to life….stay tuned!

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