Disney Magic

IMG_1033We spent Christmas in Disneyland. I don’t use this word often, but it was truly magical. I’ll share in a post later on about tips that worked well for us and things we would do differently, but I wanted to put up a little recap for my own memory.

We grew up going to Disney World and this was our first venture as a family to its Cali counterpart. It was also our first vaca as a family in lots of years. We had a ball. Christmas Eve was spent in Disneyland. We were able to take advantage of the Magic Hour and it made all the difference. We walked on to Peter Pan, Dumbo, & It’s a Small World. For those of you who know Disney, that was a Christmas miracle. Because we had such an effective morning, everything else felt like a bonus. I was so happy & nostalgic, I cried tears of joy when I got off Thunder Mountain.

We indulged in cream cheese filled pretzels, cones full of mac & cheese, and Disney’s own Starbucks. My fav was the corn dog, though. Beyond delicious.

California Adventure on Christmas followed suit. We rode the Cars ride twice. I peeked though Soarin’ Over California. I was so into the Disney Magic that it felt real. Mom & I rode The Little Mermaid ride 3 times. We ate at Ariel’s Grotto. We finished the day watching World of Color. My sisters and I were able to give priority seating tickets to a dad & his daughter. They hugged me. It was fun to be part of the magic.

A huge highlight was sitting on a bench, people watching with my sisters, and laughing until we cried. It was the perfect trip and I’m so thankful that my super generous parents made it possible. There’s no better present than to have the whole family together.


2 thoughts on “Disney Magic

    • Katie Cannon

      Okay we had heard HORROR stories about Christmas at Disney- hours in line, only getting on 2 rides…..and we didn’t experience any of that. I don’t know how much the Magic Hour played in, but the longest we waited was MAYBE 40 minutes. Disneyland reached capacity on Christmas Day, but we spent the day in Cali Adventure. I think there are other times during Christmas, between Thanksgiving & the 25th, that it’s less busy. We saw SO many carolers & special performances. We even walked by the line to meet Anna & Elsa on Christmas and it was shorter than I expected. We would recommend it!

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