Good Eats: Darling Donuts

I woke up on January 2nd craving donuts. Like I had to have one or I was going to combust.  #NewYearSameMe. I had spent the night at my parent’s house in Gilbert and thought I’d Yelp a new donut shop near by. After a recent not-so-great experience at a trendy donut shop in Scottsdale, I didn’t have high expectations. 

I decided on Darling Donuts. They had great reviews- the only negative reviews complained that they run out of donuts! Uh, sounds like a good problem to me! If they’re selling out, I want them. Anything for the love of a trend….

I popped in and the girl behind the counter was the sweetest. She helped me  pick out a chocolate long john for Dad, a maple bacon for me, and a maple bar, chocolate sprinkle, glazed for good measure.  Oh! And a chocolate filled donut because those are my other fav. 

Say what you will about bacon & desserts but my response to the matter is “Yes & Amen!” I loved it.  All the donuts were fluffy & fresh. They even go my dad’s donut loving stamp of approval.  There was a sign for red velvet donuts….but they were all gone. ☹️ Guess I’ll just have to go back!

Who doesn’t love a pink donut box?! 😍 I got to enjoy their Boba Tea too- they also had smoothies and other fun things!  If you find yourself around Baseline & Gilbert road, I’d highly recommend checking out Darling Donuts!

PS: I can’t wait to share even more new (to me!) restaurants this year. I love trying new local places partly because I’m a bleeding heart millennial who loves to support start ups and also partly because food is an excellent way to bring people together. Let me know if you have any good suggestions! 😘

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