Good Eats: Republic Ramen + Noodles

  It’s official: El Niño is my sworn enemy. It has turned AZ into a wasteland of rain, clouds, & gloom. Along with all of that, it has stirred up something that I’m allergic to or something. I am currently going through round 2 of a lost voice. For a loud mouth such as myself, this is rough.

One particularly dreary evening, I knew I needed something that would warm me up from within. My normal choice in this situation would be pho- specifically at unPhogettable on Dobson in Mesa. But I decided to branch out and try something in my hood: Republic Ramen & Noodles!

I called them up & it was ready in less than 10 minutes. When I went to pick it up, the place was packed for a week day night. There was also a girl eating wearing cat ears. That has nothing to do with the food, but it felt worth noting. When I went up to the counter, they handed me my food and swiped my card through a square card reader connect to a phone that-you guessed it- had a cat shaped case on it. 

But back to the food! I ordered the Sapporro Ramen with original toppings & beef. It was brothy, salty deliciousness. The noodles were hearty. The spinach was fresh. I think next time I’d pick something a little spicier or add some chilli pepper or something. It was the perfect treatment for a stuffy nose & scratchy throat. 

They also had a great selection of boba. I got the Thai Tea with boba….it was great. People on Yelp were saying the boba was hard but mine was perfect.

I’m not sad because it was yucky. I’m sad because I felt like butt. Clearly also sick-loopy. 

I slurped that ramen right down. You read that right- slurping is the appropriate way to eat this dish. I read on Yahoo Answers or some other reputable site that slurping aerates the environment around the noodles and enhances the flavor. Either way, we can all agree that slurping is the grossest word ever. 

If you’re in Tempe, this is a great spot to check out. The inside had a cool vibe and there’s lots of options on the menu. Stay tuned for the next time I go and try out their karaoke rooms! 

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