One Two Buckle My Shoe. Three Four Sob Some More.

After an extended massage, my sweet nail technician was putting my shoe back on my freshly pedicured foot. Just as I was about to interject, she began to fasten the buckle on my sandal. I never bother to undo the buckle and usually the back strap doesn’t even end up behind my heel. Tears immediately arrived to this party. 

I was so overcome with how well she was taking care of me. It was just so nice to have someone do something for me. I didn’t have to worry about putting my shoe on. She completely handled it. I didn’t even have to lift my foot. More often than not, I have tons of people who are willing to buckle my shoes…to help me handle things…and usually it ends in me screaming at them. (You think I’m joking….) The nail tech was a small reminder of how nice it is to share a little bit of the burden. 

They say you get your needs met in 3 ways: from others, from yourself, and from God. When the distribution of these things gets thrown off, then it gets unhealthy. Too much dependence on others & you’re looking at  co-dependency. Too much on yourself & you’ve got my bestie boo: counter dependency. To quote Beyoncé, “All my ladies who independent, throw your hands up at me.” While I love my independence and it can be a great asset, my nail tech showed me today that maybe (just maybe) it might be okay to let people help me and I might even like it.  
Join me on the journey to figure this out and take the best care of ourselves that we can! Stay tuned for little ways that I take care of myself