High Five for Friday! #H54F

The majority if my top five this week revolve around food. Food is one of my fav things and so very communal.


1. Nami Cupcake. Tried on for the first time- totally delicious. The majority of my yelp reviews are about how much I hate various cupcake shops across the country. Nami takes the …..cake! (I’ve been full of bad puns lately…haha)

2. Sweet Republic…..I can’t wait to do a full Good Eats write up in this place. BEYOND amazing. BEYOND.

3. Being spoiled. I’ve been staying with my mom during her AZ vaycay. This includes such perks as an afternoon cheese plate and my laundry getting done. I’m basically living the life.

4. Kayaking! So fun and so bucket list fulfilling!

5. Roaring Fork to celebrate “Maggie’s half birthday.” Amaze. Can’t wait to write about this place too!

Ok so Rae is actually coming this weekend and tomorrow is Jen’s Bachelorette party! We’re going karaoke-ing! I am so so so excited!

Have a great weekend!

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GOOD EATS: Chop Shop


I’ve wanted to check out Chop Shop for a while- I love a good semi-fast fresh option! Bets went there a few weeks ago and raved about it, so I knew I had to get there ASAP. I had to go to the Fashion Square to order my dress for Jen & Clarks wedding, and Chop Shop was on the way. I went on a Wednesday at about 1:15p and it was PACKED. The crowd is very Scottsdale- full of beautiful girls, cougars on dates, and Brody Jenner wannabes.


That is to be expected and didn’t take away from the experience. The girl at the counter was so sweet despite the fact that she was slammed. In fact, I don’t think I saw anyone working there who DIDN’T have a smile on their face. Must be all the kale. I ordered the Grilled Chicken + Prosciutto off their “Between Bread” menu, but I ordered it as a wrap. I also got the Strawberry Lemonade- Betsy’s suggestion.


Both were amazing! I’m obsessed with prosciutto lately and it was so so so yummy with the chicken and Dijon! Yum! At first I couldn’t find a seat inside- the outside was adorable. I loved that they had these great purse hooks!


But it was a bajillion degrees- so as soon as I noticed a table open up inside, I swooped! How cute is this place?!


If you’re looking for the perfect healthy and adorable lunch spot- Chop Shop is your jam! They also have a great looking breakfast menu and lots of fresh juices! They also just opened a location in Tempe! Hurray!

If you go:
Chop Shop
7158 E 5th Ave
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
M-Sa 7a-10p
Su 7a-8p

The Fourth of July! #redwhiteandbetsy


With Betsy moving on the fifth, we decided the Fourth of July was a perfect time o throw one last hurrah! We celebrated with food, friends, and mandatory swimming!!

I had grand plans to do a lemonade bar and a million other Pinterest ideas…but I had to work every day except for the fourth…so I decided sleep was more important. 🙂 I made pulled pork in the crock pot and other people brought great food too!


The flag pizza cookie was easy and looked like it was more work than it was! I used store bought cookie dough and frosting. Easy peasy. The cupcakes with sprinkles were on sale for a dollar at the store. Sold!

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the proposal: jen & clark 4 ever.


Can I be honest with you for a moment, Internet? One time (sort of recently) I started crying while watching Saved by the Bell because I wanted a group of friends that were as tight and diverse as the kids at Bayside. It can be so hard to make good girl friends and Jen has been such an answer to my prayers! It has been so great to see her grow in relationship with Clark and tackle issues head on. Naturally, when Clark started secretly planning the proposal, I was elated. He has done nothing but honor her throughout their whole relationship. I think it’s rare to find a man who has character like Clark- willing to apologize, a man of his word, and more. Plus it’s clear that they are disgustingly in love with each other. Here’s how it all went down… In pictures:

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GOOD EATS: Crepe Bar


Betsy just came back from a trek round the world. To celebrate her home coming, we got our nails done at my place and then went to lunch. We’ve been dying to try Crepe Bar forever! It’s at rural & Elliot in a random strip mall. They are only open from the morning to the early afternoon and are randomly closed some times, but this turned out to be the perfect afternoon to go! Look how cute it is:


We went on a Thursday at about noon and it was PACKED! I was shocked! The girl at the counter was hilarious in a Tempe hipster sort of way. She was nice but was totally oblivious to how seriously she took her life. I was asking her about the menu and another employee walked by with this plate of 3 cute bites of something. I asked her what that was and her response was, “oh it’s an amuse. They bring those out all the time.” Um…a what? I thought for a second and realized she was talking about an amuse bouche- meaning a small bite eaten before a meal. Duh. Haha

I ordered the turkey crepe with fontina cheese, cole slaw and stone fruit relish. Bets got the chicken pesto crepe. Both were delicious and super rich! We had planned to order a sweet crepe for dessert to split but ended up being way too full.

LUCKILY- they did bring us a few amuses! Which was SO fun! They were totally free and plated adorably! The first was a plate of 3 lemon squares with a custard drizzled on the plate. The next was 3 mini cookies that had a dark chocolate sauce on the plate. They were served with 2 shot glasses of “coffee milk.” Bets said it tasted like the coffee flavored See’s Candy lollipops!


We sat there forever and chatted- I think that’s why we got 2 amuses. Once we finally got up to leave, there was a sign posted in the parking lot that said “Free Snow Cones!!” Welp, we took full advantage! The Water & Ice was under new management and trying to attract business.


Overall, I was impressed with the food at Crepe Bar- it’s the perfect place to meet a friend for a cute lunch.

If you go:
Crepe Bar
7520 S Rural Rd, Tempe
(480) 247-8012

Mon Closed
Tue-Sat 7am–3pm
Sun 9am–2pm

High Five for Friday!

1. Mani. I got a great manicure this week! I can’t wait to post about my new, secret, cheap spot!
2.Jordan’s Bachelorette Party was so fun!
3. This. “Accept the Judges Verdict: God delights in His children!” I am learning so much in this season and I’m so thankful for the group of women that God has brought into my life to journey with me!
4.There’s nothing like satisfying a craving.
5. Best movie of all time.

This was a pretty boring week! Hahah The next few promise to be busier- my birthday, a big wedding, many celebrations, and lots of friends coming to town!

Have a great weekend!


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Jordan’s Bachelorette Par-Tay!


Last night, we celebrated Jordan’s Bachelorette Party! Don’t worry- this post won’t be filled with weird gentalia shaped straws or strippers- just good clean fun. (Let the record show- I did suggest a pole dancing class….no one else liked that idea. Haha.)

We started the night at Oregano’s and went BIG- pasta, pizookie, and pictures!


It was fun to meet some of Jordan’s friends that I didn’t know. If you don’t know Jordan, she’s amazing, smart and hilarious. Naturally, she attracts the same type of friends!

After dinner, we headed to ASU to play sardines.


I may or may not have cheated and hacked into my sisters Find My phone… YOLO- NO REGRETS! Hahah we happened upon the Filipino Student Association party, people looking for “Miller Ave,” and assorted other weirdos. It was really fun- I left before the end because I am an old lady who needs her sleep! Hahah

This event just made me more excited for Jordan and Kurtis’s big day. They are both just such special people and I know they are going to be even better together. I love the way they love each other and the people around them. I love that they are both creative and both are actually challenging to play trivia with. (I’m also selfishly excited to see all sorts of friends from out of town!)

So there you have it- my wild and crazy Saturday night!