Jordan’s Bachelorette Par-Tay!


Last night, we celebrated Jordan’s Bachelorette Party! Don’t worry- this post won’t be filled with weird gentalia shaped straws or strippers- just good clean fun. (Let the record show- I did suggest a pole dancing class….no one else liked that idea. Haha.)

We started the night at Oregano’s and went BIG- pasta, pizookie, and pictures!


It was fun to meet some of Jordan’s friends that I didn’t know. If you don’t know Jordan, she’s amazing, smart and hilarious. Naturally, she attracts the same type of friends!

After dinner, we headed to ASU to play sardines.


I may or may not have cheated and hacked into my sisters Find My phone… YOLO- NO REGRETS! Hahah we happened upon the Filipino Student Association party, people looking for “Miller Ave,” and assorted other weirdos. It was really fun- I left before the end because I am an old lady who needs her sleep! Hahah

This event just made me more excited for Jordan and Kurtis’s big day. They are both just such special people and I know they are going to be even better together. I love the way they love each other and the people around them. I love that they are both creative and both are actually challenging to play trivia with. (I’m also selfishly excited to see all sorts of friends from out of town!)

So there you have it- my wild and crazy Saturday night!


HIGH FIVE FOR FRIDAY! + Poll Results!!!


1. So thankful for Mag bringing me coffee & for such a great church.
2.I’m so happy with the way the Sunday school room turned out! It was fun to decorate with my sister!
3.Michelle’s Art openingwas so amazing and it was so fun to catch up with some of these ladies.
4.Jen made me dinner last night!!!!! I just love our fast, but deep friendship. Always leave her apt feeling encouraged.
5. I just love this song. #enoughsaid
That was my week!

And now for the poll result from yesterday’s Yolo Poll-o!

A whopping 48% of voters are pro eyebrow filler! Now you know! Stay tuned for my next poll!


and what a weekend it was!

Saturday meant Summer Chi Alpha!

There was lots of great food including DIY Strawberry Shortcake.  I love calling things DIY…especially food. I think it’s funny and it’s kind of to make fun of mom bloggers but I probably shouldn’t say that on the internet. Oh well…..I think it’s hilarious.

Charades was the game of the night! ASU/Chi Alpha themed….

Fear the Fork was……the most hilarious thing of my life.

The whole point of ASU XA charades was to talk about being aware of your mission field.  Shawn lead us in a discussion about 1 Corinthians 9:19-23  and being “all things to all men.”  Candi talked about how it was called the “principle of accomodation”- which doesn’t mean we endorse everything everyone does- but we love people for who they are.  This is basically my favorite thing to talk about because it means BEING A NORMAL PERSON and loving Jesus and loving those Jesus loves.  It means not being afraid of people outside of the church walls or people who swear or who have green hair.

Sunday meant church! I was supposed to teach the precious preschoolers…but none showed up! So I got to go to big people church. This was also the first week since I’ve been in AZ that I’ve been able to go to church with my sisters….except mag was teaching Kid’s Church…sooo…but there were lots of friends at church.

Can I just say that I am so thankful for my church?! (Yes I can say that. It’s my blog.)  They give me lots of opportunities to serve, people are cool, and the pastors are so relational it’s ridiculous.  If you are in the Scottsdale area, I highly reccomend Vlife Church.  

A handful of ladies went out to Sauce after church for lunch.  Sauce is basically the definition of good lunch food.  The people there were basically the definition of the next wave of revival. #justsayin I could brag about every single one of them. World changers, I tell ya. (See? You really should come to my church. hahaha)

I split a delish pizza & salad. SO YUM.

I finished the day with the best thing in the world (besides maybe a shower with excellent water pressure)- a Sunday afternoon nap. When I woke up, Candi had made sloppy joes- basically, Sunday was a dream.

How was your weekend?

jewelry party!

Last night, I hosted a Premier Desgins Jewelry party benifiting XA’s Summer Expedition Trip!

A group of students from UC Davis Chi Alpha is traveling to a far away land to do kids camps, love people, and share some Good News. My fabulous friend Erica from church is an independent consultant and offered to donate a portion of the proceeds to the trip! If you feel so moved, you can give to the trip here. Put “Summer Expedition” in the subject.

It was a fun night full of bling & treats. Now, I’m not a cool Mom blogger but I was pretty proud of the way everything came together. Someone even said “What- did you pull all this stuff off of Pinterest?” Ha- No…just my brain, Google, and a tight budget. Here’s the break down:

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