My new fav nail place!


A while ago, I heard there was a nail school in Mesa that had killer deals on nails. After some googling, I found out Nail Logic- The Institute of Nail Technology was really close to me! Unfortunately, their Yelp reviews make them sound like it totally sucked.

I mean- I love a good Cosmo school service. I’ve had good & bad experiences but I’m always a risk taker if it means saving some cash! (My fav place in Sacramento is Federico Beauty Institute– I had great luck there!)

Ok back to Nail Logic. I called to make an appointment and. it took FOR.EV.ER to get ahold of them on the phone. Maybe because I called when they first opened? When I finally go through, it was easy to make an appointment for a $15 gel manicure for that afternoon.

When I got there, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it actually looked semi cute! I tried to take a picture of the front desk, but I wasn’t crafty enough. Haha I did get a sneaky pic of the polish/glitter wall…

They checked me in and handed me a ring of a million gel polish colors!Yay! I love choices! I had to wait about 15 minutes past my appointment time. This would have been fine (because I hate being rushed picking colors!) but I had to endure listening to the woman at the front desk describe-in depth- the cockroach infestation of her house to another employee. Sick! I think she’s one of the instructors…and it just seemed unprofessional to me.

Anywayz, I had it narrowed down to 2 colors. When my nail tech came to get me, she helped my pick “Shake It Till You Samba”.


It’s hard to tell from the picture, but it’s a hot pink- almost neon. Alyssa, who did my nails, took me all the way to the back of the building so I could wash my hands and scrub my nails. Hey- what do you expect for $15?! Hah she was very nice, but it was clear she wanted to focus on painting my nails and not chit chat. I was ok with that- she did an AMAZING job. Seriously- it was the best gel mani I have ever had! She did a great hand massage with a lotion & scrub of my choosing (ginger lime, please!). I have VERY small nails, and usually nail techs have a difficult time painting them. Well Miss Alyssa was no phased and made them look great! Also, unlike other beauty school services, it took the same amount of time as a service in a salon.

When she walked me to the front, I had to get my nails checked by her instructor. (Different lady. Cockroach lady left for lunch or something.) She grabbed my hands and started PICKING WITH HER NAIL THAT HAD BEEN GOD-KNOWS-WHERE AT THE SKIN AROUND MY RING FINGER! I mean I appreciate attention to detail and the polish was a little bit on my skin, but this felt a little bit like an invasion. She had Alyssa redo one of my nails, I paid my $15 (plus tip!) and went on my way!

Look how cute they turned out!!!

Overall- would I do it again? Definitely! The place was clean, the students are well monitored, and you just can’t beat the price! I just hope next time there will be less picking and cockroach talk. 😉


1. Olympic Nails


Has anyone else noticed that many of the Olympic athletes have a fierce nail game? Apparently, some are skipping practice for free mani’s! Check out these photos from the Wall Street Journal.

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I’m already doing Hello, Mornings! But Angela from Oh She Glows is doing an August Challenge fighting fears that looks cool! I realize we are 9 days into August- but I’m sure you could jump in now! Plus- her vegan recipes are always beyond impressive to me.

3. Bird Poop Facials


In the newest wave of weird beauty treatments, a New York spa is doing facials comprised of bird poop. It supposedly moisturizes and adds a glow. I suppose it’s better than placenta creams! Read New York mag’s article here.

4. Hello Giggles on Gluten


I love a good trend, so I certainly researched the anti gluten trend. In happy to see Hello Giggles posted the same results that I found- going gluten free is really only good for you if you have an actual allergy/sensitivity. (Hey if Gluten free is workin’ for you, you go girl. Not trying to offend.)