Is this weeks artist from American Idol? Yes

Have I watched American Idol since 2003? No

Is it still a good song? Yes

Was it the “Fab Five’s” Theme Song? Yes

Do I want to do everything Mckayla Maroney and Gabby Douglas do? Yes

Now- watch the vid. Listen to the song. Be happy.




1. Olympic Nails


Has anyone else noticed that many of the Olympic athletes have a fierce nail game? Apparently, some are skipping practice for free mani’s! Check out these photos from the Wall Street Journal.

2. Angela’s August Challenge


I’m already doing Hello, Mornings! But Angela from Oh She Glows is doing an August Challenge fighting fears that looks cool! I realize we are 9 days into August- but I’m sure you could jump in now! Plus- her vegan recipes are always beyond impressive to me.

3. Bird Poop Facials


In the newest wave of weird beauty treatments, a New York spa is doing facials comprised of bird poop. It supposedly moisturizes and adds a glow. I suppose it’s better than placenta creams! Read New York mag’s article here.

4. Hello Giggles on Gluten


I love a good trend, so I certainly researched the anti gluten trend. In happy to see Hello Giggles posted the same results that I found- going gluten free is really only good for you if you have an actual allergy/sensitivity. (Hey if Gluten free is workin’ for you, you go girl. Not trying to offend.)






Things that I have found recently on the interwebs…. (or things I post here because I don’t have a Tumblr)

1. Hello Mornings Challenge

On August 20th, I’m starting the Hello Mornings Challenge.  It’s actually aimed at moms of small children, but I’m doing it anyway! It basically encourages you to get up early to spend time with the Lord & to exercize.  They send you weekly Bible readings and you get an “Accountability Captain” to encourage you and keep you on your toes! They way they keep you accountable is through social media! You post a photo or a tweet about what you’re doing- sounds perfect for me! You should do it too! There’s still time to register!!!

2. Cracked Goggles

I am completely wrapped up in Olympic Mania! USA! USA! I thought this post by Melissa @ Baby Bangs was just excellent.  A great post about challenges making us stronger. [Side note: don’t do an Google Image search for “Michael Phelps Cracked.” You will find several images of Michael Phelps’….crack.]

3. Godly Locks: Inside LA’s Bizarre Human Hair Business from The Atlantic

As someone who is fascinated with getting extensions, this article gives me reason to pause.  It’s weird. I like the way it’s written too. Take a peek!

4. These photos

Seriously! How cool!!!! Check them out!




I love the Olympics! I love competition & I love the USA- so this is a no brainer. Here a are a handful of things I’ve found across the internet about Olympic-y things.

1) 8 month Pregnant Woman competes for Malaysia’s 1st Gold Medal

Nur Suryani Mohamad Taibi will also be the 1st woman competing in Olympic Shooting for Malaysia. ISN’T THAT NUTS?!

Read about her here. Also, this year almost every country represented will be sending a woman. #finally

2) Healthy Lifestyle Changes Anyone Can Make

I thought Taylor @ Our Military Home offered some really practical advice for getting healthy. Maybe this could be the start of your Olympic Career! Read the article here.

3) Olympics, Performance, & Rest, an interview from Bethel Church with 2 Olympians.

I listened to this interview/sermon on the treadmill yesterday and was SUPER inspired. Ryan Hall is an Olympic Marathon Runner who runs 100 miles a week. His wife, Sara, is a short distance runner. They have a desire to use their gift of running to help people. I was SO BLESSED listening to this! HIGHLY recommend! It’s about so much more than running- there were about a million spiritual parallels. You can listen/download here. (PS If you listen- Sara is competing TONIGHT in the trials!)

4) Olympic Trivia

I love trivia- here’s a short video with some fun facts.


xox & red, white & blue!

Katie Cannon