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Oh what a weekend it has been! I’ve been at a gathering of West Coast Chi Alpha leaders in Torrence, CA. (So fun! So exciting! So inspiring!) Now, we get the chance to spend some time with AZ Chi Alpha leaders. A whole big long update is coming, but for now- I leave you with a quote from last night:


“Obedience is doing exactly what I’m told to do and doing it quickly because I love you.”

jewelry party!

Last night, I hosted a Premier Desgins Jewelry party benifiting XA’s Summer Expedition Trip!

A group of students from UC Davis Chi Alpha is traveling to a far away land to do kids camps, love people, and share some Good News. My fabulous friend Erica from church is an independent consultant and offered to donate a portion of the proceeds to the trip! If you feel so moved, you can give to the trip here. Put “Summer Expedition” in the subject.

It was a fun night full of bling & treats. Now, I’m not a cool Mom blogger but I was pretty proud of the way everything came together. Someone even said “What- did you pull all this stuff off of Pinterest?” Ha- No…just my brain, Google, and a tight budget. Here’s the break down:

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