A Tale of Two Besties Book Signing

I’ve been following @sofifi on Twitter for what feels like forever. And in Twitter years, 5 years is basically forever. She’s so funny, so normal, and reminds me so much of my real life bestie @mwfranci. Like…if I believed in spirit animals, she would be mine. Look:


She was a producer on The Hills/The City (Favs, obvi) and co founded Hello Giggles– which I’ve been reading since the beginning! (It’s how I found out about my fav blogs: Sometimes Sweet!)

When I found out she was coming to Tempe, I had to go! She just wrote a book & I dragged my sister to the book signing at Changing Hands!

She spoke briefly on Hellogiggles and her book and writing. My fav quote, “I love social media. Some people hate it but when have you ever been more connected to people in your life?” #exactly 

And look how she signed my book: 

We got the cutest little goodie bags!😍 Featuring bracelets from The Little Market:

It was fun to meet someone who champions friendship, vulnerability, girls & community. She used her circle of infuence to create a community and platform where one didn’t exist before.   It was clear tonight that she wants everyone along for the ride.

This is the picture Maggie sent my mom because they were making fun of me:

I can’t wait to read the book & let ya know how it is! You can pick up a copy here! (not an affiliate link. Just linking for funsies.) 


I basically cried all day yesterday. 


Abby got married on Saturday and I cried pretty much the whole day.

I didn’t cry because it was so beautifully decorated and their center pieces were cute and the dress was amazing. Each one of those things were there….but that’s not why I was a disaster with Kleenex stuck in my sari.

I cried because person after person had stories about how great of a friend Abby or Abe had been to them. I cried because this wedding brought together community and family. 

The way that Abraham pledged to love and protect…the commitment Abby made to be like Ruth: “Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.” That kind of love is something so profound and so moving that there are no words for me…just tears.  

I cried because there was such a thick presence of God over the whole day. When two people comit to sacrificially love each other, to build a godly family, and to further God’s kingdom…the Holy Spirit shows up to that. 

God has so much for us. His goodness is  overwhelming. He is so FOR us. I was just chatting with a friend today about how God gives us guidelines not just so we have them but because He cares about our hearts. 

He has so much for Abby & Abe and their families and future family. They honored God that day, and He will continue to show favor & honor to them- where ever they end up. And I also have no doubt they’ll give me many more occasions to cry…like when they have a baby. 😉