Easter Celebrations.


Today was quite the day! This morning Mag & I did kids church. We did these abridged resurrection eggs and these resurrection rolls (SO FUN!). We also did an egg hunt that lasted…like 5 minutes! Kids are fast at finding candy! This was the biggest class we have ever taught! My favorite line (from someone who will remain anonymous) was, “Teaching kids church is like leading a small group of drunk people.” I could not agree more. Haha

After that, Mag and Bets had a bunch of ladies (and Matt!) over for lunch! Everyone brought amazing things and Mag made pulled pork sandwiches. Then we headed to the pool and hung out for a while in the sun. It was a glorious way to spend a Sunday! Now Mag and I are watching Married to medicine (amazing & hilarious) and Bets is taking a nap/liking Maggie’s photos on the ‘Gram. Perfect way to end the day! I hope you had a great day celebrating!


Thoughts on Easter.


Every year, without fail, several statuses pop up on my news feed saying something like “Happy Zombie Jesus Day!” or something like that. I’m not like mad about it or offended but I was thinking about how Jesus was not a zombie. He was fully alive. He had been fully dead and now was fully alive.

Because he bore my sin, the dead parts of me, I can become alive again. I believe in my life (and I suspect in several other lives!) this is a season of breathing life into dead places, of resurrecting things that have been long dead. I am so thankful for Easter and what it represents and how that great exchange has flipped my life upside down.

If you’ve always thought of the resurrection of Jesus as a crazy fairy tale, I encourage you to look a little deeper, open your mind and ask God to reveal things to you. I suspect you will not be disappointed. I certainly was not.

He is Risen!
He is Risen, Indeed!

YOLO POLL-O: How do we feel about midi rings?


Ok so last week I was at Urban and saw this super cute little zig zig ring. I noticed they didn’t have any sizes and they were a little small. Bets told me it was supposed to be like that! It just sits above your second knuckle and it’s called a “midi ring.”

Have you seen heard about this? I feel like I’ve seen them in Man Repeller’s Instagram photos?

Anywayz- I thought a poll was in order. Are midi’s the most? Or the least? LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD! YOLO!

High Five for Friday! #H545 @lauren_fmgd

What a week! First real week at my job AND mom in town! We had so much fun doing out fav things! Here are some highlights from the week:

1.The clothing exchange was such a huge highlight from the week! I love all my new accessories!
2.Chocolate Coconut Water! My friend Abby got me hooked- it is so delicious!!!
3.Pretzel Bites from Culinary Drop Out….so yeasty & so yummy!
4.House Hunting Mag, Mom, and I pretended to be on House Hunters today. Mom & Dad are looking for a place in AZ. Did you know people live north of the 101 where Scotsdale Rd ends?!
5.Spending time. It has been nice having mom here for Spring Break! We ❤ My Big Fat!

Right now, my mom is doing my laundry & I'm living the life! Tomorrow we're going to breakfast at one of my fav spots! And then on to Easter! Hope you all have a great weekend!!

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Want to see what I got in my Easter Basket?!

My mom is in town and brought us some wonderful Easter Baskets! (Ok they were more like Easter USPS Priority Mail Boxes…but whatever.) And yes…I am 25 and still receiving an Easter Basket. I thought I’d share what I got in case you needed ideas!

It all started with the wrapping paper! It was so beautiful! None of us wanted to rip it! You can find it at World Market!


Then came the goodies!

-Beautiful Necklace and matching hair pins!
Door Hook!
-A gourmet chocolate bar
-Red Velvet Pancake Mix! (They have lots of other yummy favors too!)
-Cute Notecards (I can NEVER have enough of these!!)
-L’Occitaine Hand Cream (This stuff is amazing- it leaves no residue. You will never go to Bath & Body Works ever again!)
Soap with Verbena Leaves
-A Godiva Bunny (What Easter Basket is complete without one?!)
-Pomegranate Raspberry Beauty Sweeties Natural Gummies
-Sour Patch Watermelons- My favorite candy!
-Lots of fun candy!

Fun, huh?! As always, i think the most important part about gifts is that they are meaningful & heartfelt! I’m excited for the Super Bowl of the Christian Calendar! Mag & I are teaching Sunday School! Then Mag & Bets are hosting an Easter lunch at their apt! I can’t wait to celebrate!


(PS: This is in no way a sponsored post. None of the links are affiliate links or anything. This is just what my mom got me & I wanted to make it easy to find things :))

High Five for Friday! #H54F @lauren_fmgd

What a week! So much transition! So much “new” stuff that will come out in good time! But for now- here’s my top 5!

1. Delish rolled tacos for supa cheap! Yum! (Also- notice the guac? Told you I was into avocados…)

2. Finally got the mailbox app! I think it’s going to help me devour the bajillion emails that are in my box!

3. Thru various Pinterest tutorials, I actually figured out how to curl my hair with out looking like a zombie Shirley temple.

4. A delish breakfast at Ncounter with fab company!

5. I like this quote.

My mom is coming this weekend and staying for the whole week! I know we will have lots of fun!

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Katie Cannon!