Random things I find across the interwebs and post them here because I don’t have a tumblr…

1. State It Custom Cards

Seriously- how cute are these cards?!? Especially if you live your life all over the place- like me! These would be a great gift for someone going out of state for college or if you had a summer camp romance with Kyle from Indiana! Plus- you support a small business! I love that! You can buy them here! 


2. 84 pictures of dead malls

I hate horror movies & haunted houses, but for some weird reason I love creepy pictures of abandoned places. (Especially amusement parks!) You can see a picture version of the state of our economy here.  Is there anything more sad than an empty mall?!



3. Oh Rapunzel on The Chiffon Diary

I may have started pulling my hair and massaging my scalp after reading this post. If you have ever spoken to me in the last year you know that I am obnoxiously trying to grow my hair out. Oh…I also bought dry shampoo. (I bought Suave Dry Shampoo because Paige recommended it to me after hearing about it from Promise Tangeman. It was like $2.50.)Here’s to hair-spiration! #obnox



4. Should I Post This? from

Below is a great infographic about what to post online. (I LOVE infographics!)

To Post or Not to Post Infographic


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