CUTE IDEA: St. Patricks Day Kid’s Church Lesson!


It was so fun that St. Patrick’s Day ended up on a Sunday AND the very Sunday that I was teaching Kid’s Church!

First things first, I had to dress the part! [We asked all the kids to wear green to win a prize! But Jordan told me that Catholics wear green and Protestants wear orange…fast fact!] The kids wanted to know if a) I was a leprechaun and b) if I was a leprechaun, where was my pipe & hat. I said I was a fashionable, non smoking leprechaun.


We started the day by watching this Veggie Tales version of the story of St Patrick- it is super interesting! Patrick was awesome! After wards we talked about how he started by praying, developed a heart for a hard place, and then was blessed because he blessed others. We talked about how it’s hard to want to pray for or love people who we don’t like.

Next up was a scavenger hunt! Just like St. Pat went on many journeys- we were going to go on an adventure too! We had fun running all over church!


The verrrrry last prize was this cool idea I got from my mom’s friend. Arent they so cute?!These rainbows led into our discussion over our snack!


Lucky Charms were the snack of the day! I had the kids all find the rainbow marshmallow in their bowl. I talked about how God used the rainbow as a symbol of keeping his promises! Then we found all the other marshmallows and read in the Bible about something God had promised!


I loved the analogy of the clover to the trinity- 3 separate things but all the same! We each picked out favorite promise and then drew something about the promise.


This one was my favorite!


It was a fun day celebrating a fun holiday and learning about God’s word! Hope you had a great St. Patrick’s Day!

3 thoughts on “CUTE IDEA: St. Patricks Day Kid’s Church Lesson!

  1. Tobi

    I totally stole your marshmallow verse idea and used it for my children’s church kiddos. They loved it! I had to add a verse for an hourglass and horseshoe, since those marshmallows were in my cereal. Thanks for the inspiration! I’ve been blogging my Sunday school lessons and I included this idea, with a link back to your site. I hope that’s ok. If not, please let me know and I’ll remove it. Thanks again for your great idea!

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